Monday, February 25, 2013

Timing is everything

Anytime something goes wrong, I want so badly to resort to some manual that will explain the how to's so that I can get back on track.  We just lost a really bad game today and as a coach that can be tough to swallow.  It's days like this that I look inward and ask myself the question "Am I doing something wrong?"  It's funny how when we win, I don't ask the question "Am I doing everything right?"  It's such human nature to put all your energy into the negative.  To dwell and stew and feel crappy.  For me, I always seem to dwell longer and feel worse after losses than reveling in joy and feeling good after wins.  That is a problem for me.  I am definitely a glass half empty by nature kind of girl who is a glass half full wannabe.

We are going to be just fine as a team - I have a very good pitcher who just hasn't gotten much run support and it's a shame.  We have some really good hitters in the middle of our lineup.  For some reason we just can't seem to put the pieces all together...We pitch a good game and we don't hit...we hit and our defense makes some bad plays or we hit and we can't pitch.  Our timing is off more times than not resulting in losing some games we have had no business losing.  Everything in life is about timing right?

On another note, I think I have a shot at running Boston in 7 weeks, albeit non-competitively.  I saw the doctor on Friday of last week.  I was given a walking boot (which I have been wearing faithfully including in games where I am able to run with it on...I love running in my boot!) and a bone stimulator (which is being shipped to me in California tonight).  It has been 10 days since I have last run.  After just 6 days of no running, my heel no longer felt pain.  I realize I have a long way to go and that a bone takes 4-6 weeks to heal but if I can get this sucker healed in four weeks, I could progress back to running to the point where I can run the marathon even if it is more for just the experience.  This stress fracture has been so different than my tibia.  It took 3-4 weeks for me to feel no pain in my tibia and like I said, just 6 days for the heel.  I actually emailed my doctor to ask him if he actually saw the films of the MRI because sometimes radiologists make incorrect reads.  He hadn't and will this week so perhaps it will be different.  Even if not, I still think I have time to make it back.

How hilarious is this prescription?

My boot
I have been riding the bike, swimming and running in the pool.  I was told no elliptical to stay off the heel.  Today I ran for 2 hours in the hotel pool.  I got myself a cheapie transistor radio and it has been my savior on this trip since I didn't bring my waterproof headphones and ipod case figuring there was no way the pool would be deep enough.  Surprise! It was 5 1/2 feet deep - just deep enough for me to legitimately run in the water.  Running in the water can be excruciatingly and painfully mentally challenging so if you have the radio to keep you going, it helps.  At least I think so.

San Jose is a nice town.  I actually like NorCal.  I would describe the weather as "perfect running weather"  Sunny and 50's and 60's.  May dip into the 40's at night but that is still good running weather.  I am still convinced that running in the 10 degree temps back in NYC contributed to this heel issue.

View from our hotel in San Jose, CA (well actually in Mipitas, CA to be exact)

I really need to cut down on my caloric intake.  I have been really sloppy with my eating.  I am not eating deserts or anything like that but I am eating ALOT of everything else.  I am a bottomless pit.  It's sick how much I eat.  I am just always hungry and I just want my body to be comfortable as I heal so I allow myself to eat.  I have strayed a little too much for my liking from Paleo.  I eat some processed carbs (i.e. granola, dried fruit, all kinds of sauces, pretzels, wheat thins, and occasional bread) and I am actually afraid to step on the scale.  No joke.  I know I have put on weight.  You may not be able to tell by looking at me...or maybe you can.  These injuries are killing me on so many levels.  I just want to go through a full training cycle without enduring an injury.  I want to see what my capabilities are if I could just do that.  I am tired of piecing it all together and hoping for the best at the starting line.

My father gave me great advice today..."Alot of people will tell you don't run, don't push through, etc.  Just see how you feel in a few weeks but I think you can do it."  It is pretty true though.  All runners have an opinion when someone is injured and what they really need to understand is that everyone is different.  I won't run Boston if I'm going to hurt myself worse but I am definitely going to try to get to the starting line.

Heard this song of my favorites.  "Something always brings me back to never takes too long."

I haven't heard from Sara Bareilles in quite some time.  I watched her perform live before she "made it"  The first time I saw her was in Boston in 2007 when Taylor and I drove up in a snow storm to see what I referred to as "one of her singers".  She always did love live music and was a fan of some pretty obscure artists.  I always teasingly bashed them and when I heard SB, I looked at her and said "Well if any of your singers make it, this will be the one."  SB's sense of fashion was interesting.  She had on a black and white polka dot jumper with a white turtleneck on while she performed in Boston.  Remember jumpers?  Ha.  I was able to see her in the winter of 2008 again at a quaint wine bar in the city and she was awesome.  Played the piano and sang.  I reiterated that if someone was to make it, she would be it.  Wouldn't you know that in 2009 she appeared on the Today Show after signing her record label!  Love was actually about the fact that she wasn't going to write a song for any label that she didn't stand behind entirely.  "I'm not gonna write you a love song cause you asked for it..cause you need one..."

Anyway, enjoy....

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